sunanda: Love lead to lust

Love lead to lust

25 Aug 2013 at 03:37pm
In present context and circumstances i would request readers to not get prejudiced and take this as my own view. i am not trying to generalized but sahring the experience which i have got in last few years.
"Women are unsafe" sexually yes. there is increase in sexual crimes against women and children but what about the emotional crime.. no hue no cry.. every day lakhs of men and women get subjected to so called love and then exploit this 4 ltter word to their benifit either to get sadistic pleasure of cheating partner or to use it as status symbol. many use it to gain in their business or earn money, status, fame etc. They get friendly then start graduating to love and then end up having sex. So does it mean friendship starts with end in mind???This is the biggest mental bankruptcy we are going through in society. This is emotional crime, particularly by people who are married and get into it consciously knowing fully that it will not lead to anywhere other than sex.. they talk about soul mate... friends tell me is this exist.. no.. people fall in love, give all ideal and Hippocratic mantra to hypnotize their illegal, ill desired goal. The partners feel emotionally highjacked and then ultimately finds shattered.. please be careful of this kind of crime too which is happening every minute every where and no FIR can be get registered.. as these relations are not called rape... but for sure these relations end up in emotional rape.


  • 26 Aug 2013 at 08:01pm
    i like these thoughts ....*THUMBS UP*

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